Our Services

Integrated System Designs

Desert Sound & Security offers complete integrated system designs for high-end residential and commercial applications. Our designs typically focus on audio and video requirements but we also incorporate control of secondary systems such as lighting, temperature and security, among others. Our primary focus is with the user interface and the ease of control for the entire system.

To deliver the very best product in the industry today, we use a team effort to address the specific needs of a system. We have agreements with many companies to provide us with their expertise, which we in turn pass on to our clients. On any given project, our team will consist of different members, such as lighting consultants, home theater specialists, video teleconference experts, and security experts. This team philosophy insures our clients receive the most up to date technology as well as the know-how to deliver it.

Complete System Solutions

Desert Sound & Security provides all the services and skills required to deliver an entire state of the art technology system. Our services include system design and specifications, software design and development, cabling pre-wire, equipment purchase and assembly, system installation, tuning and testing. This array of services insures our staff can deliver a working system as promised and that the system will meet or exceed your expectations. For installations abroad, our first choice is to work in tandem with a local company that meets our qualifications, giving us the confidence that our system is in good hands. If that option is not available, our company is structured to work efficiently and effectively anywhere required.


“One of the pleasures in life is dealing with professionals. You truly are a professional. Your knowledge in the field of electronics is outstanding & you made the installation in my home simple enough for all of us to operate & enjoy!! Great Job!!”

Ed Sabol
Chairman of the Board, NFL FILMS
CEPro Top 100 ISF ASID Cedia U.S. Green Building Council Member