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Make your home smart and your life easier by upgrading to a Control4 system. Work with a Control4 dealer to put everything at your fingertips.

Take Control of Everything in Your Home With Control4

Discover How a Control4 Dealer in Scottsdale, AZ, Can Help You Enjoy Luxurious Living

Take Control of Everything in Your Home With Control4

Improve the way you interact with your home by making it even smarter. Both the Control4 OS2 and OS3 operating systems improve how you interface with various technologies in your home – making everything more convenient, seamless, and innovative. If you want a home that’s smart, then work with a trusted Control4 dealer in Scottsdale, AZ, who can make it happen for you.

From the lights and fans to your entertainment and security systems, you’ll be able to adjust everything by a touchpad or mobile phone. No matter where you are – in another room or miles away – you’ll enjoy complete control over your entire automated home. Read more to discover how Desert Sound and Security can elevate your life with an advanced Control4 smart home system.

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