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Experience the comfort, convenience and luxury that comes with living in a Crestron home. Learn about the benefits and features of Crestron home automation.

Choosing the Right Crestron System: Crestron Home Vs. Crestron Custom

Make sure your Crestron system is the best fit for your home and lifestyle

Choosing the Right Crestron System: Crestron Home Vs. Crestron Custom

Crestron is the leading manufacturer of high-end, luxury, automated homes. While most automation companies build residential automation systems using a mix of third-party devices, Crestron designs, owns, and manufactures the products within their automation systems — including lighting, shading, and audio/video distribution. The result is a higher degree of customization, cross-compatibility, and reliability in their smart home systems.

Right now, Crestron has two primary residential automation solutions in circulation: Crestron Home and Crestron Custom. Keep reading to learn more about the differences between them to decide which solution is the right fit for your Scottsdale, AZ home.

TAGS: Home Automation | Smart Home Control

4 Impressive Things You Can Do in Your Crestron Home

Are you wondering if Crestron Home is worth the investment? Find out here.

4 Impressive Things You Can Do in Your Crestron Home

Every year, we add more and more technology to our homes. It’s no surprise: smart technologies and intelligent systems can do everything from adjusting indoor lighting to mimic the sun’s pattern to sending music to different rooms of the house with the tap of a button. But with more technology comes more remotes, toggles, switches, knobs, and instructions for using numerous electronics.

An automation system like Crestron Home removes the complexity of operating your home technology. Crestron is a leading brand in the home automation industry and has perfected the systems that bring more comfort, convenience, and luxury to your Paradise Valley, AZ, home. Keep reading to learn four things you can do with Crestron Home. 

TAGS: Automated Scenes | Home Automation | Smart Technology