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Articles tagged with: Smart Home Automation

How to Keep Your Smart Tech Project on Track During Supply Chain Delays

Early planning and expectation management are the keys to successful project completion

How to Keep Your Smart Tech Project on Track During Supply Chain Delays

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, then you’re well-aware that our economy is facing global supply chain shortages and bottlenecks that are affecting everything from cars to computers to home electronics. 

Supply chain problems for home electronics and smart technology could affect you personally if you are considering upgrading your Paradise Valley, AZ, house with whole home automation, a private home theater, media room renovations, or other smart home additions soon. 

Unfortunately, the current supply chain issues could linger for several more months. So, if you’re looking forward to starting the new year with a new home project, what steps can you take to keep it on track amidst supply slowdowns? We have some tips below.

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4 Things You Need to Know About Josh.ai Voice Control

Josh, tell me all about yourself

4 Things You Need to Know About Josh.ai Voice Control

Josh.ai is a voice-controlled home automation system designed to deliver an effortless living experience to your smart home in Scottsdale, AZ, through the power of intelligent voice control.


The Josh platform connects and controls all the smart technology in your home, giving you the power to orchestrate your entire house using simple and intuitive voice commands. Additionally, Josh allows you to control your home through a user-friendly mobile app or browser-based platform.


Josh is more user-friendly, responsive, and capable than DIY voice control assistants like Siri or Alexa. Keep reading to learn why Josh is one of the most exciting smart home control systems on the market.

TAGS: home automation | Josh_ai | smart home automation

Personalize Your Home Automation System With Custom Scenes

Automated scenes bring more convenience and comfort to your daily life

Personalize Your Home Automation System With Custom Scenes

Your Scottsdale, AZ home can do so much for you when you bring all your technologies together with a home automation system like Control4 or Crestron Home. One of the most useful and convenient features of home automation is the ability to create scenes.

Scenes allow you to create custom settings using multiple connected devices in your home. You can activate a scene by pressing a button on your smartphone or keypad or linking the scene to a trigger event (like time of day or day of the week). Scenes make your routines vastly more convenient — one button press, and you can set any room in your home exactly the way you want it. Keep reading to learn five helpful scenes to get started in your smart home.

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When Should You Upgrade to a Better Outdoor TV?

Discover How Samsung and SunBriteTV Improve Your Outdoor Entertainment Experience

When Should You Upgrade to a Better Outdoor TV?

If your guests don’t want to go outside during your big party, it may be because your backyard is missing something. You’ve got landscape lighting, a stunning outdoor audio system, and a beautifully landscaped yard. So, what else do you need? Give them something to really enjoy – a 4K outdoor TV with HDR technology. You and your friends can enjoy a lively game, watch a movie, or binge-watch a favorite TV show.

With an outdoor TV from makers like Samsung and SunBriteTV, your home in Scottsdale, AZ, will become a place for entertaining friends and family. Read our blog to learn how a state-of-the-art TV can be a big crowd-pleaser at your next party.

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