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4 Reasons to Install Motorized Window Treatments Right Now

Enhance your living with our automated shading solutions!

4 Reasons to Install Motorized Window Treatments Right Now

Technology offers many great ways to elevate your family’s living space, and custom motorized window shades are one of them! Though window treatments may seem like a subtle addition to your home, they are key to keeping your home a comfortable, stylish place. Keep reading to learn more about the perks of adding motorized shades to your Paradise Valley, AZ, home.

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Add Elegance and Sophistication to Your Spaces

At Desert Sound & Security, we work with Lutron, an industry leader in lighting and shading solutions. Their controls are designed to blend perfectly with your spaces and create a beautiful look. In addition, Lutron provides a wide range of fabrics, allowing you to choose from many high-quality options with various textures, colors, and styles.

Quality Shading Helps You Save Energy

Take care of the planet and your pocket with our motorized shading solutions! An automated shading system helps you save additional energy by keeping your home at the right temperature no matter what the weather is like outside.

During the winter, program your shades to stay open during the day and warm up your home with some sunlight. Then, for the summer, lower your shades and block any unwanted solar heat to keep your home fresh and cool. Remember, Lutron’s fabrics are made from sustainable materials, so you can be sure you are making an eco-friendly choice!

Maintain the Privacy and Safety of Your Family

Another great benefit of motorized window treatments is privacy and safety. You can easily adjust and program the time your shades should close automatically through a user-friendly touch panel or wireless controls. Did you leave home on a trip, and you left your window treatments wide open? No problem! Just pull up your smartphone and control them with a touch on  your app.

Protect Your Furniture and Electronics from Glare and Heat

While keeping your well-lit is usually great for improving your mood, elevating your design, and enhancing most of your daily activities, too much sunlight can also become a problem. Window treatments are your best ally in preventing the sun’s heat and glare from damaging your home!

Our high-quality shades help protect your furniture, artwork, rugs, and wood surfaces from damaging UV rays. They also prevent glare from washing out your computer or TV screen, so you can enjoy gaming or movie afternoons in total comfort.

At Desert Sound & Security, we are excited to help you enhance your lifestyle and home with our high-tech solutions. Are you ready to incorporate custom motorized window shades into your home? Reach out to us right here to learn more!

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