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Choosing the Right Crestron System: Crestron Home Vs. Crestron Custom

Make sure your Crestron system is the best fit for your home and lifestyle

Choosing the Right Crestron System: Crestron Home Vs. Crestron Custom

Crestron is the leading manufacturer of high-end, luxury, automated homes. While most automation companies build residential automation systems using a mix of third-party devices, Crestron designs, owns, and manufactures the products within their automation systems — including lighting, shading, and audio/video distribution. The result is a higher degree of customization, cross-compatibility, and reliability in their smart home systems.

Right now, Crestron has two primary residential automation solutions in circulation: Crestron Home and Crestron Custom. Keep reading to learn more about the differences between them to decide which solution is the right fit for your Scottsdale, AZ home.

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Crestron Home

Crestron Home is a whole-home automation solution that can be deployed in any sized home. It supports all systems in the modern smart home, including audio/video, lighting, shading, security, and climate. It’s designed to be configured and installed much faster than traditional Crestron systems, which rely on integrators writing customized code for every home function.
Crestron Home interfaces are flexible and user-friendly. You can use a smartphone app, touchscreen tablet, or handheld remote to play music in any room of the house, adjust the temperature, dim the lighting, and control other connected systems in your home. You can also create and change customized scenes that activate multiple devices simultaneously.
Crestron Home gives more hands-on control to you, the homeowner. However, the trade-off for more control is less customization for building scenes, interface layouts, and automations.

Crestron Custom

Crestron Custom is the gold standard for home automation. Custom systems are programmed from the ground up by certified Crestron integrators. Because of this, Crestron Custom has unmatched and unlimited customization and cross-compatibility capabilities within a unified home ecosystem.
With custom programming, there is nothing your home can’t do. An experienced integrator can configure every aspect of your home to do what you want, when you want it. If you want your living room TV to rise from its hidden cabinet, the lights to dim to 25%, the shades to close completely, and Netflix to appear on the TV screen every time you press an icon labeled “Netflix” on your in-wall touchscreen, your Crestron home can do it instantly. A certified integrator even custom-programs the icons and button layout on your interfaces to make home control as intuitive and effortless as you’d like.
Designing and installing a customized Crestron home is a complex project — it requires far more time and labor than configuring a Crestron Home system. Post-installation, all changes require new programming and must go through your integrator.
Crestron Custom is the ultimate in high-end luxury. If you want complete home control with uniquely designed systems for your lifestyle, then a custom system is the right choice for you. Crestron Custom is also the preferred choice for large homes with multiple rooms, systems, and sub-systems.
Desert Sound and Security is your local Crestron dealer in Scottsdale, AZ. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation to find the right Crestron fit for your home. Call 877-246-5458 or fill out an online form to get started.
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