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Articles tagged with: Smart Technology

A Beginner’s Guide: The Five Ws of Smart Home Control

Learn more about how smart homes work!

A Beginner’s Guide: The Five Ws of Smart Home Control

Smart home technology has never been more popular than it is right now, and it’s expected to become even more common in the average household over the next several years. According to the research, approximately 70% of consumers own at least one smart product, and many plan to buy additional devices in the future.

Today, it’s possible to live in an entirely connected house where all your smart devices and appliances are integrated under a single smart home control system. If you’re curious about how smart home control works and whether it’s worth the investment in your Paradise Valley, AZ, home, please keep reading below! We’re covering the five Ws of smart home control to help you get started.

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Offer Clients Better Home Energy Management With Smart Tech

Smart technologies that regulate lighting, climate, and HVAC help lower a home’s carbon footprint

Offer Clients Better Home Energy Management With Smart Tech

Today’s new homeowners are more environmentally conscious than ever before, and there’s a growing cultural shift toward going green, reducing the carbon footprint, and conserving energy. If you’re a design-build professional, you have the opportunity to use smart technology to attract new homebuyers seeking energy-efficient housing. Integrating smart systems like lighting automation, motorized shading, and climate control into a home’s architecture is a significant value add in today’s housing landscape.

If you have an upcoming custom home project, keep reading to learn more about green technologies you can use to design and build more energy-efficient homes in Paradise Valley, AZ.

TAGS: Green Technology | Lighting Control | Smart Technology

4 Impressive Things You Can Do in Your Crestron Home

Are you wondering if Crestron Home is worth the investment? Find out here.

4 Impressive Things You Can Do in Your Crestron Home

Every year, we add more and more technology to our homes. It’s no surprise: smart technologies and intelligent systems can do everything from adjusting indoor lighting to mimic the sun’s pattern to sending music to different rooms of the house with the tap of a button. But with more technology comes more remotes, toggles, switches, knobs, and instructions for using numerous electronics.

An automation system like Crestron Home removes the complexity of operating your home technology. Crestron is a leading brand in the home automation industry and has perfected the systems that bring more comfort, convenience, and luxury to your Paradise Valley, AZ, home. Keep reading to learn four things you can do with Crestron Home. 

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