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4 Spaces that Benefit from Lutron Automation

How Lighting Control Impacts Your Entire Home

4 Spaces that Benefit from Lutron Automation

No technology in your home affects your lifestyle more than lighting. Home lighting is so ubiquitous that it's easy for us to forget it's even there at times. Everything from our comfort to our safety depends on it daily, though. Standard on and off control of light is limiting your lifestyle, which is why we recommend integrating a Lutron automation system.

If lighting control seems like a luxury rather than a must-have addition to your Paradise Valley, AZ home, we’d like to show you otherwise. This blog explores four unique areas of your home that could benefit from a better approach.

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Having intuitive control of your lights in the bedroom will lead to better rest and a healthier start to the day. In particular, we recommend some of Lutron's automation options. Schedule lights to dim up as wake-up time approaches or have motorized shades open to let in sunlight depending on what time you get up. At night, use circadian lighting to switch to amber tones that encourage sleep and relaxation as you prepare to go to bed.


Media Room

Your media room should be a multi-purpose environment that allows you to read, listen to music, watch movies, or host friends. The best way to adjust the room for different activities is to change your light settings. Once you find the ideal ones for your most common media room uses, save them into your Lutron system and pull them up in seconds from a keypad, mobile app or via voice command. For example, integrate a "Movie" scene that dims overhead lights and closes the motorized shades for a dark, cozy cinema environment.


Home Office

Commercial spaces put a lot of thought into their lighting design to maximize employee efficiency. There's no reason you can't embrace the same strategic mindset if you find yourself working from home. Aside from in-ceiling fixtures, we recommend adding task lighting on or near your desk to avoid eye strain. Then, use your Lutron system to set the right intensity and color temperature to encourage focus throughout the day. Finally, schedule motorized shades to close when sunlight hits your window directly to avoid glare on your computer screen.


Outdoor Spaces

Landscape lighting can be intimidating for clients since there's often no easy way to control the lights in different areas (like the pool, patio, backyard, or driveway). With Lutron, it's easy for you to make changes as needed and even automate the most important ones. For example, driveway and perimeter lighting can use motion sensors to turn on automatically when people approach. Schedule lights in the backyard and those highlighting your home to turn on as soon as the sun sets. For any on-the-go adjustments, use the control device of your choice, from waterproof remotes to apps and on-wall keypads.



Lutron automation makes it easy to adjust lighting for any room or activity in just seconds. Our team will design a Lutron system that matches your needs and priorities. Please schedule a consultation with our team by calling, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.

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