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Articles tagged with: Lighting Control

Impress Clients With Natural Ketra Lighting Solutions for your Home

Ketra by Lutron is one of the most powerful smart lighting solutions on the market

Impress Clients With Natural Ketra Lighting Solutions for your Home

It’s becoming more and more common to see new homes being built with integrated lighting control and to see homeowners requesting a smart lighting upgrade for retrofit and remodel projects. And why not? Whole-home lighting that’s controllable and customizable using a smartphone, tablet, or even voice control is a convenient and time-saving way for homeowners to manage one of their home’s most-used functions.

Architects, builders, and interior designers can benefit by working with a home lighting expert to integrate lighting control into custom home projects. But trade professionals can go above and beyond by offering Paradise Valley, AZ, clients Ketra lighting solutions.

Ketra lighting is a human-centric system that seeks to harness the transformative and restorative powers of sunlight to make homes more inviting, invigorating, beautiful, and comfortable. Keep reading to learn what you need to know.

TAGS: Human-Centric Lighting | Lighting Control | Wellness Technology

Increase the Value of Motorized Shade Solutions with Custom Fabric Offerings

Partner with Desert Sound and Security to offer your clients luxury shading fabrics from Hartmann & Forbes

Increase the Value of Motorized Shade Solutions with Custom Fabric Offerings

Integrated motorized shade solutions are a significant value add that architects and interior designers can impress clients with while bidding for new builds, retrofits, and renovations in Paradise Valley, AZ. All home windows need some form of cover, and they’re a pain for homeowners to source and install on their own — especially for large, hard-to-reach, and oddly shaped windows.

Motorized shades come with the added benefits of being more precise, more energy-efficient, and easier to operate than manual shades. And now Desert Sound and Security can offer you an exclusive service you can promote to homeowners: custom fabric options from leading brand Hartmann & Forbes. When you partner with Desert Sound and Security, we can install whole-home shading solutions that pair Hartmann & Forbes fabrics with Lutron lighting control for a luxurious aesthetic and intuitive control. Keep reading to learn more.

TAGS: Hartmann & Forbes | Lighting Control | Window Treatments

Featured Brand Spotlight: Coastal Source Landscape Lighting

Light up your home’s exteriors with a range of landscape lighting fixtures from a premier manufacturer

Featured Brand Spotlight: Coastal Source Landscape Lighting

As spring and summer arrive in Paradise Valley, AZ, most people are looking for any excuse to spend more time outdoors while the weather is warm. At Desert Sound and Security, we believe that the party shouldn’t end when the sun sets.

Extend after-dinner drinks, evening swims, and late-night chats late into the night with Coastal Source landscape lighting. Coastal Source is a leading brand for LED outdoor lighting that adds beauty, ambiance, and illumination to your front yard, backyard, patio, pool deck, and pergolas. Fixtures come in a range of styles to meet all your lighting needs — keep reading to learn more about Coastal Source solutions.

TAGS: Coastal Source | Lighting Control | Outdoor Lighting

The All-in-One Solution For Your Home Theater Project

Let Desert Sound and Security Design and Build Your Ideal Private Cinema

The All-in-One Solution For Your Home Theater Project

If you wanted to build a custom home, you wouldn’t shop around for framers, locksmiths, and cabinet makers. It would not only be time-consuming, but you’d pay more money than planned for the finished product. Instead, the best solution is to hire a reputable turn-key custom home builder to handle the project. Why? It’s because you trust they are skilled in all aspects of design and construction.

The same is true for your home theater project in Paradise Valley, AZ. Desert Sound and Security, a leading home integrator, has years of experience designing and installing private home cinemas. From framing and electrical work to upholstery and technology setup, we do it all. Find out why we are the premier choice for your home theater project.

TAGS: Custom Home Theater | Home Automation | Lighting Control