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A Biophilic Home: Where Wellness Meets Science

Improve the Health and Livability of Your Home with Pure365 Purification Systems

A Biophilic Home: Where Wellness Meets Science

Home is where the heart is. So, it should be a place of safety, comfort, and enjoyment. But, unfortunately, it’s also home to viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants – those tiny organisms that live on surfaces, in the water, and in the air. Instead of letting them take up residence, evict your unwanted guests by making your home in Paradise Valley, AZ, a healthy biophilic space.

Biophilia is all about improving your home environment by creating a stronger connection with nature. Whether you have human-centric lighting, hanging plants throughout your home, wood floors or furnishings that add natural elegance, or air filters so you can breathe pure air, there are so many ways to make your home more appealing and healthy. Read more to discover how products like Pure365 can help you keep tabs on the quality of your indoor air and water.

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The Purest Way to Live Well

The Pure365 system offers the best way to keep your indoor air pure and tap water better than bottled. The company features revolutionary purification products and an app that is fully integrated with your home’s purification systems to track indoor air and water quality With the Pure365 app installed on your phone, you can easily take control of your home’s air and water quality by changing settings, getting alerts, and finding educational articles. It’s just one way for you to start creating a healthy biophilia space.

Take a Breath of Fresh Air

Pure365’s purifiers are known to capture nearly 100% of potentially harmful ultrafine particles, microorganisms, and volatile organic compounds. Pure365’s Intellipure Compact uses award-winning DFS technologies to capture even extremely small particles, such as viruses, in the air. It is very quiet too, so you won’t even know it’s there – working behind the scenes in your smart home to give you the purest air possible.

The system removes contaminants like mold, fungi, and bacteria as well. With that kind of protection, you’ll breathe easier and feel better too. Slim, sleek, and silent, it’s perfect for the bedroom or a small living space. If you want whole-home protection, the Ultrafine Whole House Air Cleaner by Pure365 is the ideal choice.

Quench Your Thirst with Ultra-Pure Water

The Bluewater Cleone™ is a high-performing water purifier that delivers the cleanest water imaginable. Using reverse osmosis technology, it removes chlorine, biological contaminants, micro-plastics, salt, hormones, and just about everything else that you don’t want in your drinking or bathing water. It works 24/7 to ensure your family has refreshing and pristine water. Why go to the store to get bottled water? Simply turn the tap on your kitchen sink to enjoy free, pure water that keeps your body healthy.

Both the air and water purification systems can be connected to your Control4 system and Pure365 app. So, you never need to worry about when to change the filter. Check everything on your app. It’s that easy!

Ready to have a healthy home that is biophilia friendly? Call Desert Sound & Security at (877) 246-5458 or complete our contact form for more information. We look forward to making your home a healthy place to live.

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