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Explore a Day in the Life With Ketra Tunable Lighting

Transform an average day with home lighting that adapts to your routines

Explore a Day in the Life With Ketra Tunable Lighting

Research has continuously evidenced the wellness benefits natural light has on our mood, mental health, and energy levels. But over the past several decades, we’ve slowly shifted our patterns to spend more time inside under artificial lighting and away from natural light sources like sunlight.

Today, tunable lighting technology that mimics the hues, correlated color temperature (CCT), and brightness of natural light allows you to bring sunlight, starlight, firelight, and candlelight into your indoor spaces. Human-centric lighting that adjusts to match your daily routines can significantly affect your mood, energy, and overall wellness at home.

Ketra by Lutron is a leading provider of tunable lighting solutions. Keep reading to learn how human-centric lighting transforms an average day in your Paradise Valley, AZ home!

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Greet a New Day

After the alarm goes off, you like to start your day with yoga and meditation in the living room. Your living room lights are scheduled to turn on at 6 a.m. with warm, amber tones that simulate sunrise. As the sun brightens outside, so too do the living room lights, ensuring that you feel refreshed and awake once your morning practice ends.

Work from the Home Office

After breakfast, you take yourself to the home office. Ketra’s natural light automation dynamically shifts to mimic the hues and brightness of the sun as it tracks across the sky during the day. The cool, bright light provides ample illumination as you complete tasks and helps you stay energized and alert in the afternoon once you hit the post-lunch lag.

Relax With the Family

Once the workday is over, it’s time for quality time with the family. As you enter the family room, you press the “Game Night” setting on the in-wall keypad to set the lighting mood. The overhead lights dim to a warm color temperature with yellow hues. It’s bright enough to see the game pieces on the coffee table but soft enough to invoke comfort and relaxation as you and your family enjoy each other’s company.

Prepare for Sleep

After family time, you’re ready to settle down with a book in bed before going to sleep. Once you’re under the sheets, you tap the “Goodnight” setting on your smartphone app that turns off all the lights in your house. Another button press on your smartphone turns the bedside lamp on to a warm, orange glow that resembles candlelight. You schedule the lamp to dim slowly over the next 30 minutes before turning off completely, then start the next chapter of your book before drifting off to sleep.


Are you interested in upgrading your Paradise Valley home with tunable lighting solutions from Ketra? Then contact Desert Sound and Security today to speak with one of our lighting experts. Call, fill out an online form, or start a live chat below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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