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Top 3 Reasons You Need Motorized Lutron Shades

Learn How Lutron Shades Create the Space and Luxury You Want

Top 3 Reasons You Need Motorized Lutron Shades

It’s time to do something about your shades. Instead of manually raising and lowering them, do it smartly! Lutron motorized shades not only block heat and sunlight, but they are electronic and smart as well.

Program them to operate automatically, or simply press a button to adjust them. With Lutron, you’ll never need to touch your shades again. In addition, they dramatically improve the aesthetic of any room because they are stylish and sleek, as well as available in many designs, fabrics, and colors.

Are you considering new shades in your Paradise Valley, AZ home? Read more to discover the many features and benefits of installing Lutron motorized shades.

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1. Where Form Meets Function

Most shades you buy in a store serve one purpose – to provide light control for your rooms. Lutron has a smarter idea for shades. More than simply providing lighting control, Lutron offers a stylish and convenient way to do it. Their models are functional as well as attractive—easy to manage from your device of choice. What do you want to do with your shades – control heat, darken a room, or achieve light filtering? You have many options available. Your Lutron motorized shades give you complete light control while elevating the ambiance of your rooms.

2. Ambiance-Enhancing Shades

You may not notice them each day, but your shades have a big impact on your home’s décor.  Something so simple can change the look and feel of your room. Lutron offers stylish shades in a wide selection of colors, materials, and designs to match any décor. At the same time, they are built using advanced technology. Known to be whisper-quiet, Lutron shades are beautiful, and they operate silently.

If you prefer handcrafted shades made with sustainable resources, Hartman&Forbes offers shades made with unique natural materials. They are also motorized and automated through your Lutron system, so you enjoy effortless functionality and effective lighting control.

3. Smart Shades for Easy Living

So far, we’ve discussed how Lutron shades are functional and attractive. Now, for the best part. Because they are motorized, remotely operated, and programmable, you never have to mess with cords or maneuver around the furniture to operate your shades. The shades are controlled with your tablet, mobile device, remote control, or keypad. By touching a button, your shades do all the work for you.

If you’d rather not touch a button at all, just program the shades to operate on their own. They will automatically raise and lower based on temperature or the amount of sunlight hitting your house. Like your existing home automation system, it makes your life so much more convenient.


Update your home and add more comfort to your life by adding motorized Lutron shades. Call us at (877) 246-5458 or complete our online contact form for more information about our services.