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Why We Recommend Coastal Source for Outdoor Audio Systems

Coastal Source audio products can be custom-tailored to fit your outdoor environment

Why We Recommend Coastal Source for Outdoor Audio Systems

*Photo courtesy of Salcito Custom Homes*

The weather is warming up as we sail into the summer months, and it’s time to start thinking about how you can make the most of the favorable climate. Why don’t you start with something that adds a boost to any pool party, barbecue or sunbathing session: Outdoor music. At Desert Sound and Security, we recommend Coastal Source’s plug-and-play audio systems for an easy setup and great sound performance.

Keep reading to learn three reasons we love Coastal Source for all our outdoor audio installations in Scottsdale, AZ.

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1. Designed with Weatherproof Materials

Coastal Source audio products are built with durable, high-quality materials meant to defy harsh environmental conditions. Components can withstand rain, snow, heat, humidity, dust, dirt, fertilizer, pesticides, and insects. You can feel comfortable leaving your speakers and subwoofers outside year-round without risking degradation or damage.

2. Built to Deliver High-Performance Sound

Outdoor spaces present different acoustical challenges than indoor spaces. Outside, your sound is competing for dominance in large, open areas with ambient environmental noise from traffic, wildlife, and even the pool. Coastal Source speakers have large driver areas that deliver robust power handling, efficiency, sound pressure level, and wide frequency responses to all corners of your outdoor environment. A high-quality crossover separates frequencies and efficiently distributes the appropriate ranges to the tweeters, woofers, and subs. A pivoting tweeter optimizes sound dispersion toward the desired listening area. Finally, an accompanying buried or above-ground subwoofer coaxes deep, rich bass to the surface.

Coastal Source also sells CAS amplifiers that can be buried or wall-mounted near speaker components. CAS generates high-performance, marine-grade amplification for your outdoor audio system. The result is big, dynamic audio that sounds amazing on a patio, pool deck, or landscape setting. 

3. Flexible and Scalable in Every Outdoor Space

Coastal Source’s plug-and-play audio systems are easy to install and scale. Bollard models and subwoofers come with above-ground or in-ground burial options based on your preference. Buried Coastal Source speakers have a small visible footprint, perfect for blending into the landscape or sitting inconspicuously by the patio or pool.

Ready to fill your outdoor living spaces with great music? Desert Sound and Security is here to design and install the outdoor audio solution that will keep you dancing outside all summer long in Scottsdale, AZ. To get started, call us or fill out an online form to schedule a consult with our team.

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