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Articles tagged with: Outdoor Entertainment

3 Must-Have Technologies for Entertaining in Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Learn how weatherproof TVs, a high-performance sound system, and exterior Lutron shades make entertaining outside comfortable and easy

Summer weather is in full swing in Paradise Valley, AZ, with average daily temperatures spiking up into 90+ degree heat (and even 100+ degree heat). Even though it’s broiling outside, you don’t need to spend your entire summer cooped up indoors with the AC running full blast. Outdoor entertainment technologies allow you to enjoy your living spaces while remaining comfortable.

Have a movie night after sunset with a Samsung or SunBrite outdoor TV, listen to your favorite playlists in the pool with Coastal Source audio, and stay cool on the patio with exterior Lutron shades. Keep reading to learn more about making the most of your outdoor spaces this summer!

TAGS: Lutron | Motorized Shades | Outdoor Entertainment

Why We Recommend Coastal Source for Outdoor Audio Systems

Coastal Source audio products can be custom-tailored to fit your outdoor environment

Why We Recommend Coastal Source for Outdoor Audio Systems

*Photo courtesy of Salcito Custom Homes*

The weather is warming up as we sail into the summer months, and it’s time to start thinking about how you can make the most of the favorable climate. Why don’t you start with something that adds a boost to any pool party, barbecue or sunbathing session: Outdoor music. At Desert Sound and Security, we recommend Coastal Source’s plug-and-play audio systems for an easy setup and great sound performance.

Keep reading to learn three reasons we love Coastal Source for all our outdoor audio installations in Scottsdale, AZ.

TAGS: Coastal Source | Outdoor Entertainment | Outdoor Speakers