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How to Keep Your Smart Tech Project on Track During Supply Chain Delays

Early planning and expectation management are the keys to successful project completion

How to Keep Your Smart Tech Project on Track During Supply Chain Delays

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, then you’re well-aware that our economy is facing global supply chain shortages and bottlenecks that are affecting everything from cars to computers to home electronics. 

Supply chain problems for home electronics and smart technology could affect you personally if you are considering upgrading your Paradise Valley, AZ, house with whole home automation, a private home theater, media room renovations, or other smart home additions soon. 

Unfortunately, the current supply chain issues could linger for several more months. So, if you’re looking forward to starting the new year with a new home project, what steps can you take to keep it on track amidst supply slowdowns? We have some tips below.

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Supply Chain Shortages Are Worldwide

Shortages and bottlenecks are occurring because the world is facing a vast disparity in supply versus demand for consumer goods. Economic disruptions like warehouse and plant shutdowns, worker layoffs, and market uncertainty are causing turmoil in the global supply chain. 

At the same time, consumer demand is surging faster than suppliers can keep up. The electronics industry has seen an eruption of demand for home office devices, home entertainment systems, and smart technology to make living and working at home more comfortable right now. 

While suppliers are pushing themselves to catch up, ongoing microchip shortages, labor shortages, and equipment shortages prevent manufacturers from ramping up production as quickly as they’d like.

What Can You Do to Keep Your Technology Projects Moving Forward?

What steps can you take to mitigate supply concerns and keep your project on track? We have some tips below.

  • Consult with an expert. The first step you should take is to consult with an expert like Desert Sound and Security. As a custom electronics dealer, we have a finger on the pulse of the market, and we’re following our vendors and manufacturers closely during this time. Our team is working with our suppliers daily and inventorying more often to keep you up-to-date on what’s in stock. We’ll help guide you through your project options based on what technology is available now and what we expect to receive soon. 
  • Start planning now. Start planning your home technology project as early as you can. Do you want a TV upgrade for March Madness? Are you interested in an outdoor speaker system for next summer? Do you want whole home automation integrated into the new house you’re breaking ground on next spring? If you answered yes to any of the above, now is the time to call Desert Sound and schedule a consult with our team. Proactive planning allows us to anticipate your needs and take steps to secure your products and keep your project on track. You’ll save time and money down the road by ensuring that every detail is settled long before construction and installation begin. 
  • Manage expectations. Know that while we will do the best we can, we can’t predict with certainty what will happen to the fluctuating supply chain over the next few months. Please know that your project may be delayed by a few weeks or months due to circumstances beyond our control.

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