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Partner With a Home Automation Company on Your Next Custom Home Project

Our home builders, architecture and interior design trade partners can attract more high-end clients and boost profits by partnering with an experienced integrator

Partner With a Home Automation Company on Your Next Custom Home Project

Global smart home market revenue is forecast to reach a value of more than 141 billion dollars by 2023. Also, by 2023, the number of smart homes worldwide is forecast to surpass 300 million. These statistics couldn’t be clearer: people are putting their money into smart technology. Your business should consider partnering with a skilled home automation company to stay competitive in industries like architecture, interior design, and home building for custom luxury homes.

A home automation company delivers the ultimate lifestyle experience. Smart home technology and home automation solutions save people time and energy. Connected audio/video, lighting, motorized shades, climate, security, and outdoor entertainment elevate homeowners’ lifestyles to new levels of comfort, convenience, and wellness. High-end homeowners are now looking to make smart technology an integral part of modern home design projects.

Let’s work together to deliver more value to your clients in Scottsdale, AZ, with integrated technology and design services. Keep reading to learn the primary benefits of partnering with a premier home automation company like Desert Sound and Security.   

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Attract More High-End Clients

Combining home automation with architectural or interior design services offers homeowners a unique service package that’s very attractive to your clients. More than anything, clients want you to provide a personalized and seamless experience. Integrating custom technology and design in an all-in-one package boosts the value of your services, sets your brand apart from competitors, and helps attract more discerning, high-end clients.  

When you partner with a home automation company from the beginning of a custom project, the benefits to your company and your clients increase exponentially. Here’s what you can expect from our partnership:  

  • We’ll address wiring and cabling that needs to run through the house before any design work begins. The last thing any of us wants is to tear down newly designed or built structures to accommodate smart home wiring after the fact.
  • On-time and on-budget delivery. We’ll work together to discover all client needs and desires at the beginning of a project. Placing cabling after a build has started, redrafting home design to accommodate smart technology, and ordering and installing hardware…..these components all waste time, money, and resources when they’re not factored into the original plan.
  • Masterful home design. Your clients all have unique visions for their new smart home. We’ll work with you to ensure a flawless design that incorporates client preferences for smart technology. For example, suppose a client wants the architectural structures or interior design to shine. In that case, we’ll work together to build a design that includes hidden technology and expertly placed lighting that highlights gorgeous home features.
  • Custom technology. As a premier home automation company, we work with only the best-in-class technology manufacturers. Our in-depth industry knowledge allows us to give clients expert recommendations based on what they’re looking for.

Deliver an Unparalleled Client Experience

As we mentioned before: above all, your client wants the home build, design, and integration process to be seamless and headache-free. At Desert Sound and Security, we help you deliver on that expectation. We offer clients concierge services that make transitioning to a new home stress-free. They don’t need to worry about setting up service contracts for their internet or other home utilities — we’ll handle all that on our end.

Instead, new homeowners can walk into their beautifully crafted house and immediately have working internet, lighting, and audio/video services. Additionally, our concierge plans include remote support, inspections, emergency service, and equipment replacements, so clients can have peace of mind knowing they have support and assistance when things go wrong.

See Our Craftsmanship for Yourself

We highly encourage our architect, interior design, and home builder partners to visit our showroom and learn more about smart technology in a close-up, hands-on setting. And we’re very excited to announce that we’ll be launching a dedicated experience house at the end of this year. Our partners can visualize and experience smart home automation in a beautifully designed layout.


Are you interested in partnering with Desert Sound and Security? We invite you to call our office to schedule an appointment to see our showroom or experience house. Or you can reach out through our online form. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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