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For Better Home Theater Design, Partner With an Experienced Integrator

Architects and interior designers will benefit by partnering with a theater expert for their next home design or build project

For Better Home Theater Design, Partner With an Experienced Integrator

A private home theater is a popular request in high-end home builds in Scottsdale, AZ. If you’re an architect, interior designer, or home builder with a client asking for a dedicated cinema, you need assistance from a home theater designer with experience in all the moving parts of designing, installing, and integrating a theater room.

Keep reading to learn how partnering with Desert Sound and Security from the beginning of your project ensures you complete every home theater project to the client’s satisfaction. 

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Thoughtful Design and Planning

Good design is a critical component for usability, comfort, and an excellent viewing experience in a home theater. If your new build or home design is in the planning and construction phase, an integrator can help set the guidelines for the best theater room dimensions and specifications. The ideal space will be big enough for a large screen and seating for several people. The ideal theater room is also acoustically isolated from the rest of the house and doesn’t contain any windows for minimal sound and lighting disruptions.

If the theater room is already built, our team can recommend acoustic treatments, blackout window shades, smaller screens, and other solutions to optimize the space for the best viewing experience.  

Wiring and Installation

Building a home theater requires structured cabling for AV components, lighting, and other technology devices. It also involves installing a wall-mounted screen or projector, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, lighting fixtures, and possibly specialized mounts and lifts for a hidden screen. We don’t want to have to rip out any architectural or design work that’s already been completed. That’s why we recommend a partnership from the beginning of the project so that we can integrate technology and layout elements into one cohesive design. 


The aesthetics of a theater room are just as important as the room design and quality of the equipment. We can make expert recommendations for every aspect of the room’s appearance. For example, darker paint colors are a better choice for the décor because bright or light colors impact the room’s lighting. We can also make recommendations for recessed, in-wall lighting, and strip lighting to create ambiance, authentic home theater seating, and hidden technology for homeowners who want a minimalist design.    

Are you interested in partnering with a professional home theater designer like Desert Sound and Security? Please call our office and schedule an appointment to see our showroom or experience house. Or you can reach out through our online form. We look forward to working with you soon.

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