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Multi-Room Audio in Biophilic Design

Using the Sound of Nature in Architectural Design

Multi-Room Audio in Biophilic Design

Wellness and biophilia are rapidly growing themes in design circles. Biophilia comes from the Greek word "philia," which means "love of." Translated, biophilia simply means love of life or living things. At its root, it encompasses human’s engrained love of and attachment to nature.

Researchers found that, when asked to picture a place where participants felt calm and relaxed, 90% imagined a natural setting.

Since its inception in 1964, biophilia has progressively become one of the most influential elements in design and architecture, integrating nature into a home’s scheme. When you harvest daylight or incorporate natural elements such as greenery, you’re incorporating biophilic design.

So, what does this have to do with multi-room audio when designing homes in Scottsdale, AZ? Everything.

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Sound that Heals

A study published in Scientific Reports reported that sounds found in nature change the connections in our brains. The changes correlate with an increase in parasympathetic activity or the relaxation response. These changes include improved mood and concentration, lower blood pressure, better sleep quality, less fatigue, and much more.

On the other hand, chronic stress correlates with inflammation and stress, leading to anxiety and a host of other chronic conditions.

Now, imagine clients walking through their homes after pouring a cup of herbal tea, listening to the sound of nature filling every room. Did you automatically take a deep breath and feel your body relax a bit? That’s the power of sound.

At Desert Sound and Security, we take the time to discuss a client’s lifestyle and needs. For some, it’s the sound of waves breaking along a shoreline that brings a sense of relaxation. For others, birds chirping in a forest or chimes whispering in the wind bring peace. Many prefer these sounds to gently wake them in the morning or lull them to sleep at night. A multi-room audio system can do just that and more.

Taking Sound Outside

The great outdoors is a perfect spot for biophilic soundscaping produced through multi-room audio. We strategically install landscape speakers and in-ground subwoofers that create the sensation of sound that surrounds you. Homeowners listen to the sounds of a gentle stream while gardening or relaxing in a recliner and reading their favorite book.

Of course, everyone has a different type of music and sound that relaxes them. So we'll set up zones so that family members can listen to different audio from varying sources at the same time, enabling one to listen to a gentle breeze in the yard while the other tunes into a sporting event in the media room.

Incorporated with Other Biophilic Design Trends

Tunable, human-centric lighting has taken the design world by storm. When combining soothing nature sounds that fill a home with lighting that mimics the changing rays of the sun, a house becomes a biophilic refuge, a retreat, and a place to destress, rejuvenate, and relax.

Now, envision TV screens filled with scenes of forests, mountaintops, or tranquil sandy beaches, and you have a home that’s become a biophilic oasis. Another trend is transforming home theaters into meditative wellness retreats by viewing nature on the large screen while listening to nature sounds through the whole-home audio and changing the light to the soft, warm hues that relax and inspire.

At Desert Sound & Security, we work with exceptional architects and designers, providing home automation solutions that align with their vision. To learn more about multi-room audio or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Desert Sound & Security today.