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Top Technologies You Cannot Pass Up in Your Luxury Home Theater

Enjoy the next level of entertainment with our home theater installations!

Top Technologies You Cannot Pass Up in Your Luxury Home Theater

Having a luxury smart home is more than just automated systems for convenience or sophisticated décor to make your house more beautiful. It’s also about having fun and spending unforgettable moments with family and friends. A home theater installation is the best way to create a space full of entertaining experiences for your loved ones. 

The experts at Desert Sound & Security can help you design and build a home theater that completely satisfies your needs. Whether you need a small, intimate space to share with your family, or a big room to host all of your friends, just give us a call, and we’ll integrate our world-class technologies for a top-notch content-watching experience in your Scottsdale, AZ, home.

Let’s explore these solutions together.

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The Meridian 271 Digital Theater Controller for an Immersive Experience

High-definition audio is crucial to enjoying a superior entertainment experience. Through an immersive surround sound system, you can get carried away by the fantastic scenes on your screen. At Desert Sound & Security, we partner with Meridian Audio to deliver outstanding sound system solutions. 

One of the products we recommend is the Meridian 271 Digital Theater Controller, a device that effortlessly integrates loudspeakers to provide a smooth, realistic sound. Designed to work with any processor on the market, the Meridian 271 allows you to create a world-class home theater audio system.

A Sony Laser Projector for a Sharp Picture Quality

Of course, another essential feature of a luxury home theater is having perfect picture quality. Sony offers a wide range of 4K laser projectors specially designed to deliver a crisp image in your home theater.

For example, the VPL-XW7000ES is a projector of up to 3,200 lumens of brightness that ensures you enjoy vibrant, realistic pictures on a large screen. Among the most interesting features of this projector is the Wide Dynamic Range Optics technology, which offers better light control to achieve a 95% wide color range.

Ketra Lighting to Set the Right Mood 

Having the best home theater experience doesn’t rely only on your audio and video devices. Through a lighting control system such as Ketra, you can effortlessly set the perfect mood for a cozy movie night or a lazy Sunday binge-watching your favorite Netflix series. This is especially useful in home theaters that are not located in basements, as you need to have as much control over your lighting as possible. 

Pair up your lighting system with motorized shades, and by simply pressing a button, you can completely block any light coming through your windows and set a warm color temperature to watch a rom-com or bathe your area in bluish lights to feel completely immersed in your favorite sci-fi movie!

At Desert Sound & Security, we are passionate about making your lifestyle simpler and filled with amazing experiences. Are you ready to elevate your entertainment with our top-notch home theater installations? Contact us today by filling out this online form or dropping a message on the chat box below.

We are looking forward to working with you!