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Explore a Day in the Life With Ketra Tunable Lighting

Transform an average day with home lighting that adapts to your routines

Explore a Day in the Life With Ketra Tunable Lighting

Research has continuously evidenced the wellness benefits natural light has on our mood, mental health, and energy levels. But over the past several decades, we’ve slowly shifted our patterns to spend more time inside under artificial lighting and away from natural light sources like sunlight.

Today, tunable lighting technology that mimics the hues, correlated color temperature (CCT), and brightness of natural light allows you to bring sunlight, starlight, firelight, and candlelight into your indoor spaces. Human-centric lighting that adjusts to match your daily routines can significantly affect your mood, energy, and overall wellness at home.

Ketra by Lutron is a leading provider of tunable lighting solutions. Keep reading to learn how human-centric lighting transforms an average day in your Paradise Valley, AZ home!

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3 Must-Have Technologies for Entertaining in Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Learn how weatherproof TVs, a high-performance sound system, and exterior Lutron shades make entertaining outside comfortable and easy

Summer weather is in full swing in Paradise Valley, AZ, with average daily temperatures spiking up into 90+ degree heat (and even 100+ degree heat). Even though it’s broiling outside, you don’t need to spend your entire summer cooped up indoors with the AC running full blast. Outdoor entertainment technologies allow you to enjoy your living spaces while remaining comfortable.

Have a movie night after sunset with a Samsung or SunBrite outdoor TV, listen to your favorite playlists in the pool with Coastal Source audio, and stay cool on the patio with exterior Lutron shades. Keep reading to learn more about making the most of your outdoor spaces this summer!

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Impress Clients With Natural Ketra Lighting Solutions for your Home

Ketra by Lutron is one of the most powerful smart lighting solutions on the market

Impress Clients With Natural Ketra Lighting Solutions for your Home

It’s becoming more and more common to see new homes being built with integrated lighting control and to see homeowners requesting a smart lighting upgrade for retrofit and remodel projects. And why not? Whole-home lighting that’s controllable and customizable using a smartphone, tablet, or even voice control is a convenient and time-saving way for homeowners to manage one of their home’s most-used functions.

Architects, builders, and interior designers can benefit by working with a home lighting expert to integrate lighting control into custom home projects. But trade professionals can go above and beyond by offering Paradise Valley, AZ, clients Ketra lighting solutions.

Ketra lighting is a human-centric system that seeks to harness the transformative and restorative powers of sunlight to make homes more inviting, invigorating, beautiful, and comfortable. Keep reading to learn what you need to know.

TAGS: Human-Centric Lighting | Lighting Control | Wellness Technology

Choosing the Right Crestron System: Crestron Home Vs. Crestron Custom

Make sure your Crestron system is the best fit for your home and lifestyle

Choosing the Right Crestron System: Crestron Home Vs. Crestron Custom

Crestron is the leading manufacturer of high-end, luxury, automated homes. While most automation companies build residential automation systems using a mix of third-party devices, Crestron designs, owns, and manufactures the products within their automation systems — including lighting, shading, and audio/video distribution. The result is a higher degree of customization, cross-compatibility, and reliability in their smart home systems.

Right now, Crestron has two primary residential automation solutions in circulation: Crestron Home and Crestron Custom. Keep reading to learn more about the differences between them to decide which solution is the right fit for your Scottsdale, AZ home.

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